Bathroom and Kitchen Adaptations for the Elderly and Disabled in Bristol

Downs Brothers specialise in the installation of specialist Bathroom and Kitchen adaptations for the elderly and disabled throughout Bristol.

Bathroom adaptations for the elderly or disabled 

At Downs Brothers in Bristol, we are specialists in home, bathroom, and kitchen adaptations for those who are disabled or elderly, so you can live in your home comfortably and safely. 

The bathroom can come with a lot of hazards for those who are less abled, and therefore we take our time to consider features that will make your bathing activities easier.

Our highly skilled and experienced team install:

  • Wet rooms (Walk-in-Showers)
  • Walk-in bathtubs
  • Raised toilets
  • Lowered wall-hung bathroom sinks
  • Adjustable showerheads
  • Emergency pull-chords
  • Anti-slip flooring
  • Safety bars
  • Shower curtains/doors
  • Lowered shower trays
  • Seated showers
  • Widening doorways
  • Access Rooms
  • Seated Showers
  • Adding grab rails to the bath
  • Adding a bath lift
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Expert Accessible Kitchens 

At Down's Brothers, we understand the importance of tailoring your kitchen so it suits your lifestyle and your individual needs. We understand that it's the small details that can make a big difference to you and the way you live in your home. 

There's a wide range of options that we can incorporate into your adapted kitchen such as:

  • Creating enough space so your wheelchair can turn around fully 
  • Lowering kitchen worktops to make food preparation easier
  • Lowering the kitchen sink so you can wash the dishes from a seated position
  • Installing an oven with side opening doors or those that slide in and out
  • Fitting induction hobs with safety cut-off features
  • Creating pull-out shelves and drawers
  • Adding LED lights to shelving so you can find items easier
  • Plus Many more!

When designing your kitchen we'll use our specialist knowledge and many years of experience to ensure that it's fully accessible to you, but also fully-functional for other people living in your household. 

Our professional team works in consultation with occupational therapists, hospitals, and you the customer.

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Bathroom adaptations for children

Every parent wants their child to be safe at all times, but for those with a disability or those that require extra care and attention, ensuring this can be a unique challenge. Parents of disabled children may face additional obstacles that other parents do not encounter when it comes to providing basic personal care such as bathing.

At Down's Brothers, we are able to provide a variety of adaptations that can make bathing easier and safer for both the parent and the child.

Take a look at the photos to the right. We recently adapted this bathroom for one of our customers who has a disabled child. The folding non-slip bath bed allows our customer to bathe and shower their child at a comfortable height, whilst ensuring that they are safe.  

Other bathroom modifications we install include grab bars and shower chairs to provide increased safety in the bathroom and greater independence during bathing activities. Installing these items means that parents and caregivers don't have to physically lift their kids in order to bathe them, reducing strain on the body while increasing overall comfort levels. 

When you choose us you'll be in safe hands

Our skilled team with over 50 years of experience are specialists in making disability adaptations to properties throughout Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

We offer a wide range of custom-built disability adaptations for customers living within a 20-mile radius of Bristol. With over 50 years of experience in adapting the homes of Bristol and South Gloucestershire, you can firmly put your trust in us to modify your home to meet your exact needs. Our service is not only professional but it's also affordable. 

We undertake all types of residential projects of any size because we want you to be able to live happily in your home for as long as you can. 

Whether you use a walking stick or a wheelchair, we can help make your home more accessible. 

Our team is renowned for coming up with innovative solutions to improve the quality of your life. Our tailored service also means that we'll offer you full guidance and support all the way through your project. 



Local Authority Application

We understand that it can be a bit of a minefield applying for a Housing Adaptation Grant but don't worry because our trusted architect whom we work very closely with, has many years of experience of applying for grants from both Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council and can help you too for a small charge.  

Find out more here about applying for a Disabilities Facilities Grant. Read our latest blog for the low down on what it is and if you may be eligible for one. 

We offer the following mobility adaptation services: 

  • Lower Sinks and Kitchen worktops
  • Widening doorways
  • Access Rooms
  • Seated Showers
  • Installing a walk-in shower or bath
  • Fitting a wet room
  • Raised Toilet Seats
  • Adding grab rails to the bath or by the bed
  • Adding a bath lift
  • Installing an outdoor ramp or step rail
  • Installing motion sensor lights at your front door
  • Local Authority work
  • Help with applying for a Local Authority grant 


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